Images used are to illustrate body colours only and may not reflect current specifications.
The paints, colours, trims, combination and information described depicted and referred to in this selector are to be used only as a general guide in the selection of a vehicle. Vehicle paint colours differ in varying degrees from those depicted therein.
Ford Motor Company of New Zealand Limited reserves the right at any time and without notice to discontinue or change the specifications descriptions colours and designs of the paints, colours, trims and combination thereof as described and referred to herein, to add or delete any paint colour, trim or combination thereof to or from the range described or referred to herein and to temporarily suspend or restrict the use of any paint colour trim or combination thereof listed or referred to herein without incurring any liability whatsoever for so doing.
Always consult your Authorised Ford Dealer for the latest information on the availability of paints, colours, trims and combinations before deciding to place an order for a vehicle.